LG to Begin Manufacturing 9.7-inch Color, 19-inch Flexible E-paper Displays by End of Year

The market for displays is definitely a lot broader than it used to be. With LCD still primarily being used, some people just don't think it makes sense for some devices out there. For example, eReaders are still a specialized field that, for the most part, is overrun with devices that lack the LCD technology, and focus on displays that utilize e-ink.. LG has just made it known that they plan on bringing both color and flexible e-paper displays to the market by the end of this year.

The mass production of the displays will come in two variations: a 9.7-inch color display, and a 19-inch flexible variation. The news comes from a recent SEC filing, filed by LG. Unfortunately, the details on what LG is planning on using the displays for is pretty much nonexistent. The filing doesn't go into any detail, and despite the fact they plan on mass producing the displays by the end of the year doesn't do anything to tell us what they're actually going to be used for.

However, a bit of guessing would have us assume that the 9.7-inch color display would be used for some kind of eReader device, or perhaps a tablet. As for that 19-inch flexible display? Well, that's anyone's guess. It could be the newest way to read your newspaper, or maybe something solely meant for advertisement. If LG is serious about mass producing the displays in such a short time frame, then it shouldn't be long before new details break out. So stay tuned.

[via PC World]