Apple Rumored to be Launching 99-Cent TV Show Rentals

Interesting or not, this isn't the first time we've heard that Apple was working on 99-cent TV show rentals. It's been rumored a few times, actually. Spanning the full gamut of Apple-branded devices, from the iPad to Apple TV, in fact. But now it sounds like the talks are beginning to actually make sense, and Apple may be closer than ever to actually launching something, instead of letting the rumors fuel the whole thing.

According to "three people familiar with the plan," Apple is supposedly in "advanced talks" with News Corp., hoping to get Fox TV shows included in the deal. This is coming from Bloomberg, speaking with the unnamed sources. According to the report, Disney and CBS are included in the conversations as well, but there's no word on how those talks are going.

According to the sources, the episodes would only be viewable for 48 hours, and that's probably before you view them. Most "rentals" usually only last about 24 hours, once you hit that play button. No mention, though, of streaming-only episodes, either, which would make a lot of sense for devices like the iPad. We'll see if this turns into anything, or if they're just more rumors spinning the old mill.

[via Bloomberg]