Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Going Gold September 16th

Evan Selleck - Aug 23, 2010
Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Going Gold September 16th

Windows Phone 7 is a prodigal product for Microsoft. Especially in the wake of the released, and failed KIN devices, they’re banking a lot on their redesigned Windows Mobile/Phone platform. With that in mind, they’re utilizing core elements from their other products, like Xbox LIVE, to make the overall experience a much more elaborate, and entertaining one. But, while they’ve already got a strong backbone in the Xbox market, developers still need to be depended on to create great applications for customers to download. And, that will get much easier, as the Developer’s Tools are set to go gold on September 16th.

According to a new post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft should be able to put the finishing touches on the tools, and finalize them for a gold release on September 16th. To make it more noteworthy though, Microsoft will also begin to accept developer’s application submissions beginning in the first weeks of October. If all goes according to plan, then, there’s no reason to think that Windows Phone 7 couldn’t launch by the end of October, or the beginning of November. Just in time for that holiday release.

[via Windows Phone Developer Blog]

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