SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: September 11, 2012

This morning you'll want to head back to our LG Intuition hands-on before we ramp up for our full review later this week – phablet giganticism! A column you may want to peek in on as this week continues with tablets before the massive smartphone storm is Tablets are for fun, Laptops are for work. Then jump in on our hands-on action with Everything Everywhere 4G LTE – brand new and speedy quick!

There's a lovely strange new little device out there now called the BlueAnt Ribbon for music streaming. The device known as Instacube is ramping up to Facebook photo support – but only if their demands are met on Kickstarter. There's a whole new YouTube app out there today for iPhone and iPod touch!

Back to Everything Everywhere – aka EE – the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will be part of their lineup – with the first confirmed and the second heavily hinted. They've also shown 4G LTE roll-out plane and have let it be known that both 4G and Fiber are on the way "in coming weeks."

Then down the gaming tube you go! Don Reisinger adds a column entitled Is 2014 too late for the PlayStation 4? Those of you planning to play Pokemon Black and White 2 will be glad to see a pre-order bonus in a Genesect – an exclusive catch! Electronic Arts has been tipped to have tried to purchase Valve in the past as well – too late!