Instacube pledges Facebook photo support if next stretch goal is met

Last month, I mentioned an interesting digital photo frame that had turned up on Kickstarter seeking funding. The little digital photo frame is called the Instacube and when it first started its crowd sourced funding push it was designed to display photographs from your Instagram feed. When w first talked about it the company had raised almost $124,000 toward its goal of $250,000 and still had 30 days to go.

The developers have raised more cash than their goal so far having met their first stretch goal of $400,000. When they raised $400,000, the developers began offering pre-orders for black and white versions of the Instacube. The team has now announced that if they reach their neck stretch goal of $500,000, they will offer direct support for Facebook photos.

The developers announced a partnership last week with SmartThings that it promised will make the Instacube more dynamic. Adding the ability to show Facebook photos makes a lot of sense and is something I think little device definitely needs. Most people have considerably more photos simply uploaded to Facebook than they do in Instagram feeds.

If you missed the Instacube the first time around, it's a little square digital proto-frame with integrated Wi-Fi. The device is 7.5-inches tall and wide with a depth of 2.5-inches. It has a touchscreen with a resolution of 600 x 600. The device's Kickstarter campaign will end on September 21.