YouTube launches new iPhone and iPod Touch app

YouTube has announced that it is launching a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store as of today. YouTube says of the new app was built by its engineers to give iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience possible. The new app promises to bring users a huge amount of new videos to watch.

The app has a new YouTube channel guide access by swiping a finger from on the left edge of the screen revealing a guide with your subscribed channels. The new channel guide gives users instant access to everything they are subscribed to. The updated app also has new ways to share videos you like with people.

Videos can now be shared on Google+, Facebook, twitter, e-mail, and text message. YouTube says that it's working on an optimized version of the app for the iPad that will be offered in the coming months. There are no hard details on the iPad version of the app offered at this time.

The download is 7.5 MB in size and is available for just about every language out there. The new app supports iOS 4.3 and later, and is said to support iOS 6 as well. YouTube also noted that users of its mobile apps generate 1 billion mobile views each day.