SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: October 26th, 2012

This morning we're living in the wake of the impact that both Microsoft and Samsung made with their events earlier in the week – and what a week it was! Microsoft brought on the fury with a massive Times Square showing of their Windows 8 launch family while Samsung brought Kanye West to their Galaxy Note II event. It would appear that the rules are being changed in the hacking world as well as the DMCA has made an exemption for smartphones in the jailbreaking world in a new ruling, but not tablets.

It's time for Android to get serious about tablets, mind you, with 41% of the market hitting in the third quarter of this year – and they've set a cool world record, too. Samsung's third quarter financial results have shown $7.4 billion in profits, well exceeding expectations. The Windows Store has been launched for Windows 8 and will indeed be selling ESRB "Mature" games like Call of Ducy: MW3 and Skyrim.

The Apple Store has begun selling iPad minis with sales and supplies being different depending on where you live. Apple also added 8 new currencies to their App Store and have adjusted prices globally.

The company has had to post its "Samsung didn't copy" notice on its webpage in the UK, and it's majorly passive-aggressive. Take a trip down supply numbers lane too to see if Apple got its supply right or if not one whole heck of a lot of people are buying an iPad mini. If you're looking for a white iPad mini, you might be out of luck.

The most massive television you'll ever have set your eyes upon is now available in the USA – that's the LG 84-inch 4K for $20K. Samsung took home another win with reports that they beat Nokia again for the third quarter in a row after Nokia had held the record for 14 years previous. Researchers at Berkeley Lab have restored a 134-year-old recording that's a lovely 78 seconds long and of the very first musical performance ever recorded. Listen to it now!