SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: May 2, 2012

There's a legal war going on this fine Wednesday morning, between Motorola and the German Xbox 360 – or its owners, of course, Microsoft and its other software Windows 7. Tinzen 1.0 has been released as an SDK for your download and enjoyment. Facebook will be dropping its IPO on the 17th of May for the public to go wild over. And for those of you loving the idea of next-generation ultrabooks, look no further than the Sony VAIO T11 and T13.

The folks at Gran Turismo – the video game, that is, have begun Grand Turismo GT Academy 2012 to find the most skilled racers in the world again – get on board! Motorola has released its first fiscal quarter of 2012 results with a staggering $121 million dollar loss. Instagram lands on the other end of the spectrum with a gigantic 50 million users – a landmark attained just this week.

Those of you addicted to iPhone 5 news, there's a big tip in a very, very tiny package: the iPhone 5 SIM card tray has been leaked! Spotify for iPad has been released to the masses for all you tablet-loving user interface users. Apple's OS X Mountain Lion has been revealed to be showing off a "do not disturb" feature when released this summer. Android has been ported to C# and .NET code environments so that it can remain free like the wind blows forever!

Apple has begun rejecting apps with Dropbox functionality, so watch yourself on the mobile high seas! Nokia has given 17,000 phones to developers, and they'll be releasing the 808 Pureview this month. Stay tuned for more action all day long!