SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 12, 2011

Welcome to the dip! It's that time of year again where there's not that much basic tech news, but the news that DOES come out is a full plate of whoppers! What we've got for you today is no less than some Google+ stuff (that stuff is like gold!) and some unboxings and a full review of the myTouch 4G Slide courtesy of our good friends at Android Community! Can you even stand the wait? You're gonna have to, because this train continues below the cut!

First let's get our hands on this sweet Android device action: it's the myTouch 4G Slide Hands-On and Unboxing on SlashGear! Then we've got a FULL REVIEW of the myTouch 4G Slide over on Android Community. They've ALSO got a hands-on of the Slide on Android Community if you prefer a slightly different perspective on thangs. And if this bigtime device isn't your idea of fun, you could choose the Motorola XT316 – it's cheep!

As for future devices, we've got a rundown of all the most current thought to be real specs on the Motorola DROID Bionic (a 4G LTE Verizon dual-core device on its way soon) including new screen resolution, from last night! There's a couple Nexus Next rumors floating about: Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich from Russia for one, Google+ interaction for another!

Then of course, the tablets: Best Buy Takes Tablets Seriously – they've changed their whole tablet setup! Check it out!

A few columns for your edification:

How Will I Teach My Son That Han Shot First?

Relationship Me vs. Independent Me On Google+

Sony Must Announce the PlayStation 4 ASAP

Why Competing with Google+ is Impossible

See a few MUST READ articles:

Samsung demands Apple legal team be disqualified over insider knowledge fears

Sony makes PS Vita dev kits cheap to encourage "garage developers"Sony makes PS Vita dev kits cheap to encourage "garage developers"

HTC calls out Apple for competing in courts, not on products

Google+ demands your real name: Pseudonyms suspended

Then check out a few important picks from your good pal, me:

AT&T LTE Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G and USB modem due this summer; new international data plans outed

Panasonic debuts Toughbook CF-H2 tablet for field workers

NYC and San Francisco Bay Area get Google Offers beta

AMD throws down the GPU gauntlet with Radeon HD 6990M

Fujitsu next-gen FLEPia color ereader revealed [Video]

Finally PREPARE yourself for week TWO of Tabletpalooza! Win yourself some sweet tablets in daredevil fashion!

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