SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: February 11, 2013

Chris Burns - Feb 11, 2013
SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: February 11, 2013

This morning we’re looking toward the future with a rather enticing self-driving car timeline of five years – soon and very soon! There’s currently a Sustained Attack happening on the USA – did you know? It’s a hacking attack, mind you. Over at the FCC a Samsung Wireless Charging Pad has made clearance with a possible Galaxy S IV in its sights.

This week’s State of the Union Address in the USA will have a lovely fireside chat happening directly afterward – join in! Two new Samsung smart cameras have hit the shelves – these are the same units we saw at CES 2013, and they’re hot! It would appear that we’re low on Surface Pro tablets out there in the wild market. Check out the concept for the Apple Willow Glass “iWatch” to blow your mind.

The new HTC One has leaked with both a rendering of its front and a sample photo. It would appear that the non-planet Pluto has a series of moons that need naming. In the hunt for Christopher Dorner, several unmanned drones have been deployed – gotta catch em!

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The first primetime Google Nexus 4 advertisement has been released – after all this time! The Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock has been killed here in 2013 – that’s it, that’s all, that’s all there is! Carriers here and there across the planet have been having iOS 6.1 issues both inside and outside of enterprise use. Watch out for the NASA MAVEN spacecraft soon as Lockheed Martin has completed assembly.

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