iPhones on iOS 6.1 prompt carrier warnings and enterprise headaches

Problems affecting iPhones running iOS 6.1 have forced carriers and some enterprise experts to caution owners from upgrading too quickly, after handsets loaded with last month's release demonstrated problems with internet, calls, texts, and Exchange access. Vodafone UK and 3 Austria are among the carriers to speak up, with Vodafone conceding that some iPhone 4S users running iOS 6.1 "may occasionally experience difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or to connect to the internet."

According to the carrier, "Apple is working on a solution" and "these connection problems are intermittent." 3 Austria, meanwhile, took to Facebook to confirm the fault, and which it suggested had only been reported by subscribers within roughly the past few week, despite iOS 6.1 being released on January 28.

It's not the only issue some iOS 6.1 users are experiencing. According to reports on Microsoft's Technet, network administrators responsible for corporate Exchange installs have identified sudden spikes in server logging. At least one admin claimed to have seen more than 50GB of logs triggered by a single iPad running 6.1.

Further examination suggested that it was due to a bug in how calendar invites were handled, and while one workaround is to export the calendar for the affected user, delete it from the device, and then recreate/import it, others have claimed that the problem reoccured afterwards.

Apple is supposedly working on a fix, for the carrier issues at least, though it's unclear when it may be implemented.

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