SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: April 3, 2012

Chris Burns - Apr 3, 2012
SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: April 3, 2012

This morning we’re looking at a camera with starry ambitions: the Canon EOS 60Da with the ability to take photos of stars specifically! Intel has been tipped to be sending out sub-$299 Medfield SoryBook tablets soon! Apple’s newest iPad has an app which allows you to use it as a second display for your Mac – now with Retina display upgrade! Google TV will be popping up in Europe in September!

The oldest humans in the history of the world have been discovered to be using fire further back in history than ever before thought possible. The Dropcam is now shipping for an undeniably inexpensive $149 in HD. Motorola is now part of an antitrust suit in the EU after both Microsoft and Apple have complained.

There’s a lovely new Angry Birds animated show coming this fall to any and all devices – fun for the whole family! There’s a lovely Android Nexus Tablet out there today that looks to be the next-gen superhero for Google. Nokia is holding a Lumia 900 launch party this friday in New York City. RIM is launching BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for businesses to stick with them for a bit longer.

Have a peek at Chris Davies’ column on the HTC One S and X in HTC One solves the desirability dilemma. ThinkGeek’s Inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair isn’t a prank as it turns out. And don’t forget, Google is still picking up companies – today’s is TxVia!

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