Angry Birds animated series coming this fall on all devices

If ever there were a game that begged to be a children's animated TV show, Angry Birds is it. It's not quite Saturday morning cartoons, but Rovio Mobile has announced that it intends to launch a new animated series with 52 episodes per year on "all possible devices" this fall. These won't be half-hour shows, but rather short form two or three-minute episodes.

Rovio's head of animation Nick Dorra says that episodes will be delivered via a video app, and that they're looking for partners to enable the episodes to come to all screens. The episodes will come to some smart TVs, including Samsung's line. Rovio and Samsung are already tied in a partnership. Rovio acquired animation studio Kombo last summer to help develop Angry Birds into more than a gaming brand. Presumably, that studio will do the animation.

There has been talk of an Angry Birds movie, but Rovio has ruled that out until after 2014. I'm not sure why the developer and want to put the movie off any longer than necessary considering how hot Angry Birds is right now and how quickly the popularity of mobile games can wane. However, Dorra did say the movie is in development.

"We're going to roll out a weekly animation series later this year of shortform content," said Rovio's head of animation Nick Dorra, speaking at the MIPTV conference in Cannes.

[via Guardian]