Kathryn Olvera

Photo of Kathryn Olvera
Eugene, Oregon
Chemeketa Community College
University Of Michigan
Parapsychology, Horror Movies, Folklore
  • In 2021, Kathryn started her blog, Living Dead Laptop, where she discusses paranormal portrayals in movies and their parallels to real paranormal accounts.
  • She participated in the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture Roma Women's Poetry Project in 2020.
  • Kathryn participated in the 2023 Oregon Ghost Conference, an educational event surrounding various paranormal fields.


Kathryn has been writing professionally since 2018 and is the former editor-in-chief of HorrOrigins.com. She specializes in horror, paranormal, and history. Her writing expertise includes educational pieces, poetry, and storytelling. In 2021, she published a full-length poetry collection under the pseudonym Terra Vagus and has poetry published in several different anthologies.


Kathryn attended Chemeketa Community College before exiting to study parapsychology and pursue a writing and editing certificate from the University of Michigan.
Stories By Kathryn Olvera