Dale Smith

University Of Cincinnati (BA, English), Vermont College Of Fine Arts (MFA, Writing)
Voice Assistants, Smart Home, IoT, Home Security, IOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Internet, Podcasts, Science & Health.
  • A late GenXer, Dale's passion for technology has only intensified as he progressed from his first computing experience on an Apple IIc to building PCs in high school, jailbreaking iPhones, and now pushing the limits of what voice assistants and smart home systems can accomplish.
  • Besides technology, Dale has also spent his life fixated at different stages of his development on poetry, fiction, journalism, and memoir.
  • In 2019, technology collided with writing and Dale began a career producing tech news, reviews, and how-tos.


Dale's big break in reporting came when he joined the How-To Team at CNET, where he covered topics including gadgets, tech companies, and even the coronavirus pandemic. Midway through his tour of duty at CNET, Dale joined the Home Team (née Smart Home Team) where he focused on voice assistants, home security, and IoT. Since moving to freelancing, he's written about those topics and more for CNN Underscored, TheStreet, MakeUseOf, and now SlashGear.


Dale earned a bachelor of arts in English at the University of Cincinnati, with concentrations in both writing and journalism. Coursework for his master of fine arts degree from Vermont College of Fine Arts focused on fiction writing and included a semester devoted to screenwriting.
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