Which phones have 5G right now?

With 5G we're on the cusp of a new age of mobile phone data speed and connectivity, and a limited set of phones are ready for it. Even fewer are owned by people who are connected to their chosen 5G network properly. Today we're going to take a peek at which devices are ready to connect to 5G data if and when your mobile data provider of choice has coverage as such.


The OnePlus brand ran with 5G connectivity as SOON AS POSSIBLE, releasing the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G back in early 2019. As it is with most brands on the list here, most OnePlus 5G devices work with sub-6 5G and no access to mmWave. The one exception to this rule, so far, is the OnePlus 8 5G UW (with Verizon).

• OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

• OnePlus 7T Pro 5G

• OnePlus 8

• OnePlus 8 5G UW (Verizon exclusive)

• OnePlus 8 Pro

• OnePlus 8T

OnePlus will very likely have more 5G smartphone models released in the future with direct carrier support in the USA. That means T-Mobile USA (for sure for the OnePlus 8T), and more action with Verizon. Keep your eyes on OnePlus for more budget-friendly offerings in the near future, too, more than likely.

Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung dunked its head into the 5G relatively early, and seems to be ready to roll with 5G on all major smartphone releases from the Galaxy A51 5G on forward. This isn't always true of the brands that've integrated 5G connectivity since 5G first arrived – not all brands are ready to take the plunge.

• Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

• Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

• Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

• Samsung Galaxy Fold

• Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

• Samsung Galaxy Flip

• Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

• Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus, Ultra

• Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

• Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Ultra

Samsung has a wide variety of smartphones with 5G at all price points – you'll want to make absolutely sure you're getting a phone with the right sort of 5G for your network of choice. More often than not, it'll be a question of sub-6 vs mmWave.

Apple: iPhone 12

In October of 2020, Apple revealed the iPhone 12, and with it the first 5G line of iPhone devices. At the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple still sold a few devices that did not have access to 5G connectivity, including the iPhone XR, the iPhone SE (2nd Gen, 2020), and iPhone 11. All of Apple's iPhone 12 devices were launched with 5G with both sub-6 and mmWave connectivity.

• iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12

• iPhone 12 Pro

• iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple's 5G iPhone 12 collection isn't particularly inexpensive. For the time being, if you'd like an iPhone with 5G connectivity, you're going to be shelling out approximately $700 (off-contract) for the iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 12 Pro Max costs at least $1,099, right on up to around $1,400 USD for the most extravagant version of the Apple 5G hero phone.

LG Velvet, V

LG's line of 5G devices started relatively early with the LG V50 ThinQ. As it is with many brands, LG didn't simply switch over to 5G with ALL devices after their first 5G smartphone hit the market. That may be the case eventually, but for now we're limited to the following:

LG V50 ThinQ

• LG V60 ThinQ

• LG Velvet

The good thing about LG re:5G is their close ties with the carriers where they sell their phones. You'll almost always have an LG 5G smartphone as an option, regardless of your carrier – and QUITE often you'll find said phone available with some sort of deal or discount.

Google Pixel

Google prepared to take a running start in the Fall of 2020 with a new iteration of their previously-released Pixel 4a and a brand new Pixel 5. We can safely assume Google will continue to include 5G connectivity in their smartphones from this point forward.

Google Pixel 4a 5G

Google Pixel 5

Both the Google Pixel 4a 5G and the Google Pixel 5 include both sub-6 and mmWave 5G connectivity right out the gate. That'll likely be a trend with future Google 5G smartphones, too.

Motorola with Lenovo

Motorola is owned by Lenovo, and Lenovo still has the ability to release smartphones with the Lenovo brand, but we'll likely mostly see Motorola phones on this list for the foreseeable future.

• Moto Z2 Force (with 5G Moto Mod)

• Moto Z3 (with 5G Moto Mod)

• Moto Z4 (with 5G Moto Mod)

• Motorola Edge

Motorola Edge+

• Motorola RAZR 5G

Unless you've already purchased a Moto Z device that's compatible with the 5G Moto Mod, we would not recommend you do so JUST for 5G at this point. If you're looking for 5G on a Motorola smartphone, the Motorola Edge or Edge+ are the devices that'll serve you best.

Other brands, mostly outside USA

If you're living in or around Europe, you'll want to take a peek at devices like the TCL 10 5G, the Xiaomi MI Mix 4 5G, and the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G. The OPPO Reno 5G is a very interesting choice – what with its shark fin pop-up camera, and 5G, and the RedMagic 5G is a great contender for best gaming-focused 5G smartphone outside the USA.