The Daily Slash: November 8 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 8, 2010
The Daily Slash: November 8 2010

A slew of tiny updates, a tiny combat on the idea that children can change your life enough to quit Facebook, and a slightly larger combat on some combative video games. Surprises like a rocket pack man, a tip that Android Gingerbread is soon coming around the bend, and a sweet stack of free stuff, free stuff that fell right in our lap. This is a day in the life of a tech publicist, take a lookie for yourself – here on the Daily Slash.

SlashWOOPS Today, on Reddit, a fine young man found a loophole in the way Comcast internet connects to your home. All he needed was Comcast cable TV, a cable modem (any cable modem) and a few clever clicks later, this young fellow had free cable internet. The reason his discovery became so popular today is the same reason why he posted it in the first place: the person on the other end of his helpline when calling up Comcast to ask a question was very rude, insistent, and above all else, unprofessional. Now Comcast is destined to lose untold amounts of potential dollars while they figure out a way to close their loophole, untold amounts of dollars that could have been saved by a bit of niceness and a dash of common sense. I wont post any more details here, but I know you’re a resourceful lot – have fun with it!

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Android Community
Samsung Continuum Hands-On [FEATURE]
HTC Paradise for AT&T heads to FCC [RELEASE]
LG Vortex for Verizon Free After Mail-In Rebate and New Contract [RELATIVELY FREE]
NTT DOCOMO Unveils Three New Android Phones, Coming Soon [UNVEILING]
Vodafone to Stock HTC Desire Z
T-Mobile’s Wifi-Calling Now Useable on Nexus One [HACKS]
3D displays needed in Mobile phones? Sharp thinks so [THREE DEE]
Verizon DROID PRO Nov 9 pre-sales confirmed for $180 [PRE]
Android 2.3 Gingerbread imminent tips Open Handset Alliance member [THE GINGERBREAD MAN COMETH]

Samsung Continuum for Verizon Hands-On [FEATURE]
Samsung Continuum for Verizon Due in Stores November 11th [FIRST HAND]
5 New Downloadable Games Available from Nintendo Today [NEW GAMES YAY]
Public Relations Head Brandee Barker Leaving Facebook [TINY EXODUS]
Oakley Releases Non-Tron Edition Gascan “World’s First Optically Correct 3D Glasses” [THREE DEE]
Google Sponsoring In-Flight WiFi This Holiday Season [SEASONABLY FREE]
Call of Duty: Black Ops Will Sell 20% Less Than Modern Warfare 2, Says Analyst [CONVERSATION OF WAR]
Movie Review: The Millenium Trilogy [COLUMN]
iPad 2 adverts already filmed ahead of 2011 launch? [SHINY]
Isabella Fable kids’ tablet packs 3G, ebooks & rugged design [RUGGED]
Rocket Man dons jet suit and does loops for grins [ROCKETMAN]
Windows Phone 7 on sale in US [LINEUP]

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