Rocket Man Dons Jet Suit And Does Loops For Grins

I'm not a big fan of heights so going in a hot air balloon is extreme enough for me. A guy names Yves Rossy put on a rocket suit that has a wing and four rocket nozzles and then jumped from a hot air balloon recently. The suit Rossy wears is custom made and allows him to fly around.

This is the first time that he has attempted any aerobatics with his suit. The man pulled off two loops wearing the jet pack. The loops are just the start of Rossy's plans though, he hopes to visit the Grand Canyon and fly through it.

The Swiss adventurer jumped from the balloon at a height of 7,874 feet near Lake Geneva and then performed his stunts. The man landed by popping a parachute and floating to the ground. All I can say is giant balls o' steel Mr. Rossy. The video below is of Rossy at a different event.