Google Sponsoring In-Flight WiFi This Holiday Season

Evan Selleck - Nov 8, 2010
Google Sponsoring In-Flight WiFi This Holiday Season

Today, Google announced that they would be sponsoring more WiFi hotspots this holiday season. Following in the steps of their endeavor last year, which saw WiFi support for free in airport terminals across the country, Google sees fit to expand the service. They’re now going to sponsor free in-flight WiFi, but only for the holiday season.

To be more specific, Google has announced that it will be Google Chrome that will sponsor free in-flight WiFi, courtesy of Gogo In-Flight WiFi, on several domestic flights. You’ll be able to find it on Virgin America, AirTran, and Delta flights. The in-flight service will begin on November 20th, 2010, and run all the way until January 2nd, 2011. If you’ve been looking for more WiFi on your flights, now here’s the chance to take advantage of it, thanks to Google Chrome.

[via MacObserver]

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