The Daily Slash: November 3 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 3, 2010, 8:45pm CDT
The Daily Slash: November 3 2010

Release dates in front of release dates, release dates in back of and on top of release dates, so many release dates you wont know what to do with yourself. So many phones, so many devices, one gigantic WAR and a review of the fabulous T-Mobile G2. And that’s just the start, oh my goodness, that’s just on Android Community and SlashPhone! There’s another whole batch of strange and excellent releases on SlashGear plus an odd event at Facebook headquarters with coupons, us sitting up front, and an excited yet slightly aggravated Mark Zuckerberg.

Web Blaster One of the stories that seems to be blasting the internet to bits along technology lines is the idea that the definition of 4G, as it’s being called by Sprint, then T-Mobile, and soon Verizon, actually isn’t 4G at all. Instead, the term 4G is defined one way by carriers – essentially that WiMAX, LTE and HSPA+ are just as fast as and therefor are 4G, then, defined a different way by the real authority, The International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The ITU has basically this to say: “for a service to qualify as 4G, it must deliver peak download speeds of approximately 100Mbps in high-mobility environments (cell phones) and peak download speeds of approximately 1Gbps in low-mobility environments.” Services including WiMAX, LTE and HSPA+ do not exactly meet these criteria. But does it matter? The people running around the internet clicking upvotes seem to think so.

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R3 Media Network

Palm Pre Plus 2 Pre-Order Available On November 8th [RELEASE]
Samsung Continuum Coming Soon to Verizon Wireless [RELEASE]
Google Apps Device Policy Adds Remote Wipe on Android Smartphone

Android Community
LG Optimus T, Motorola Defy, and the T-Mobile Comet available now [RELEASE]
Droid Pro to have presale Nov. 9, launch date is Nov. 18 [RELEASE]
Archos 70 Android internet tablet ships [RELEASE]
LG Pad tablet set to hit in early 2011 [RELEASE]
LiveView Android display hits UK November 19 for £50 [RELEASE]
T-Mobile myTouch 4G on sale now [RELEASE]
G2 to get Wi-Fi Calling starting Tomorrow [RELEASE]
10 reasons why Android 2.2 Falls short of iOS 4 [WAR!]
T-Mobile G2 [REVIEW]

Supreme Court VS Californian Video Game Law [LAW]
New World 3D Projection Technology
Facebook Presents Single Sign-On. Login, Location APIs, and Deals Platform at Special Event [WE WERE THERE hangin’ out]
AT&T tracking network problems with geo-tagged Twitter complaints
Turkey restores YouTube block after videos restored
MiFi OS debuts on Novatel MiFi 3352: widgets, GPS-apps & more
Orange MiFi 3352 gets official, plus 3G-enabled Samsung N150 netbook
App Ninjas debuts Credit Card Swiper for iPhone [RELEASE]
Orb Audio offers up Hammered Earth speakers [RELEASE]
LG Optimus Pad Android tablet coming in early 2011 [RELEASE]
Sony Ericsson LiveView Nov 19 UK release confirmed [RELEASE]
Gigabyte outs dirt-cheap GZ-P5 computer case [RELEASE]
Trendnet’s new TU3-S35 and TU3-S25 USB 3.0 HDD enclosures ship [RELEASE]
Archos 70 and Archos 43 Android 2.2 tablets go on sale [RELEASE]
MacBook Air screen faults forcing replacements [Video] [BUMMER]
iTunes previews triple in length; Apple tells labels to agree or pull their content [BUMMER]

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