App Ninjas debuts Credit Card Swiper for iPhone

Shane McGlaun - Nov 3, 2010, 5:43am CDT
App Ninjas debuts Credit Card Swiper for iPhone

You might be familiar with the iPhone app from developer App Ninjas called Swipe. It allows the user to do credit card processing on the iPhone. The developer of the app has offered up a new hardware credit card scanner that is Apple-approved called Swiper for iPhone.

The credit card Swiper is designed like half of a case that the iPhone slips down into. The magnetic card reader on the bottom of the case is where the user would actually swipe a credit card. Using the app and the Swiper the user can process credit cards wherever they may be when the app is tied to a merchant account.

The seller will also save some money using the hardware Swiper rather than a just punching the credit card numbers into the Swipe for iPhone app. Swiped credit cards have a lower fee to sellers than typed in numbers. The Swiper will be offered as a white label solution.

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