Turkey restore YouTube block after videos restored

Chris Davies - Nov 3, 2010
Turkey restore YouTube block after videos restored

Having lifted their ban on YouTube on Monday, Turkey has once again cut off access to the video sharing site after a number of contentious clips were reinstated.  Google had made clear over the weekend that it was not responsible for actively pulling the clips, and instead they had been removed through the automatic copyright complaint systems; having discovered they do not violate copyright, YouTube has reinstated them, and Turkish courts have ordered the ban restored.

Turkey initially blocked YouTube in 2008, after videos allegedly insulting the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, fell foul of the country’s courts.  More recently, clips of former opposition leader Deniz Baykal frollicking with a lady in a hotel room had been uploaded, prompting Turkey’s telecommunications regulator to request the video be removed or reinstate the ban.

[via The Register]

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