MiFi OS debuts on Novatel MiFi 3352: widgets, GPS-apps & more

Chris Davies - Nov 3, 2010, 5:58am CDT
MiFi OS debuts on Novatel MiFi 3352: widgets, GPS-apps & more

More details on the Orange Mobile WiFi 3352 are out, and it seems there’s more to this MiFi than meets the eye.  An update to the original MiFi 2352 we reviewed all the way back in June 2009, the MiFi 3352 debuts Novatel Wireless’ MiFi OS, the customizable widget, app and content platform the company has been promising us for a while now.

MiFi OS is a browser-based platform that allows access to programs running on the 3352’s separate applications processor, rather than demanding those apps be installed to the WiFi-connected client (whether PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet).  At launch, it will run apps for data usage, GeoSearch, GeoWeather and SMS capabilities, but the company is hoping more developers will jump on board; previous MiFi units had Eye-Fi and other functionality.

As for the 3G network sharing itself, the MiFI 3352’s modem supports up to 7.2Mbps downlinks and can support up to five simultaneously WiFi-connected devices with a roughly 10m range and 5hr battery life.  It also has a microSD card slot (up to 32GB cards supported) the contents of which can be accessed by all the WiFi clients.  More pricing details here.

Press Release:

Novatel Wireless Commercially Launches MiFi OS with New MiFi 3352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 3, 2010 — Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions, today announces its new Intelligent Mobile Hotspot — the MiFi 3352 — which comes pre-loaded with Novatel Wireless MiFi operating system (OS), widgets and applications support. This will enhance both the intelligence of the device and the user experience through applications capabilities across users’ Wi-Fi devices of choice. The device is today launching commercially in the UK with Orange under the name Mobile WiFi.

Novatel Wireless MiFi OS complements on-the-go Internet connectivity with a number of value added applications. The MiFi OS delivers a browser based Web user interface (UI) for quick intuitive access to MiFi resources, widgets and on-board applications and content.

The MiFi customers will also benefit from an improved user experience giving customers freedom from having to install and maintain software on every device that connects to the MiFi hotspot. Rather than installing applications for each connecting Wi-Fi device (notebooks, netbooks, tablets) the applications reside on the MiFi 3352 device and no installation is necessary on the connecting devices. Easy access through the Web UI is provided regardless of device connecting to the MiFi 3352.

The award winning MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot delivers download speeds up to 7.2 megabits per second with enhanced performance for simultaneous uploads/downloads and large file transfers. It supports up to five simultaneous users located within 10 meters of the device. Compact and simple to use, the MiFi 3352 also includes a microSD slot for expandable memory of up to 32 gigabytes.

Speaking about the UK launch, Phil Roberson, Director of Devices for Everything Everywhere, the company which runs Orange in the UK said, “We’re excited to be rolling out the world’s first truly intelligent mobile hotspot. One of the key drivers for differentiation is the operating system and the simple access to new widgets and apps on the mobile WiFi. As a result, this new device complements our mobile broadband offering perfectly.”

Orange’s Mobile WiFi operates on Orange UK HSPA network and offers simultaneous Wi-Fi connectivity for up to five devices or users. At launch, it will feature widgets such as data usage, GeoSearch, GeoWeather and SMS capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this industry first with such an innovative UK operator,” said Rob Hadley, chief marketing officer for Novatel Wireless. “Orange’s Mobile WiFi with intelligence and added capabilities fits perfectly with Orange’s mobile broadband portfolio and we’re proud to support this launch in the UK.”

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