The Daily Slash: November 18 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 18, 2010
The Daily Slash: November 18 2010

We’ve got reviews and columns up the wazoo today! First there’s the Nokia C7, a Kingston 32GB MicroSDHC Class 4 memory card, the HTC 7 Trophy, and finally the Samsung Continuum – reviewed by yours truly. Then there was some huge controversy this morning when Steve Wozniak said that Android would someday defeat iPhone! But it turned out to be blown out of proportion by the end of the day, Steve himself stopping the rumor cold. Finally, Google is tabulated to be on the lookout for over 2,000 new hires and more than likely offered to buy Twitter for FOUR. BILLION. DOLLARS. All this and MORE on The Daily Slash!

Ruh Roh! Remember this morning when the news was that Steve Wozniak said Android would win the smartphone wars. Turns out he was totally misquoted! He spoke with our pals over at Engadget today and gave them a quick interview clarifying, saying the he gave the De Telegraaf and they sort of misconstrued what he said. Instead, he did “lightly prognosticate” that Android might become more popular “based on what [he’s] read” but that he believes Android “to be a lot like Windows… I’m not trying to put Android down, but I’m not suggesting it’s better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination. But it can get greater marketshare and still be crappy.”

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