Grippity Handheld Back-Typing Keyboard Up for Pre-Order [Video]

Evan Selleck - Nov 18, 2010
Grippity Handheld Back-Typing Keyboard Up for Pre-Order [Video]

The makers of Grippity feel that there needs to be a change to our every day typing woes. They feel that the standard keyboard just isn’t necessary for the 21st century, and feel that we should start “typing out of the box.” To do that, they figure you’ll need a crazy design, and a few extra features thrown in there for good measure. They took their beliefs to heart, and the result is the Grippity back-typing keyboard. It’s a handheld peripheral, but that’s about where the standard features end.

The Grippity keyboard features front and back-facing keys. So, while you’re holding it, you won’t necessarily have to move your hand in any peculiar ways to type what you want, on the display you’re trying to type it on. You can just use the tips of your fingers while you’re holding it. You can also hit the keys on the front, if that’s what you’d prefer. There’s also media controls at the top, and you’ll find a trackball at the top-right corner.

The device has been rumored for a long time, but it looks like the shade has finally bee pulled up. You can even pre-order if you want. You’ll just have to drop $60, and know full well that you’ll have to wait until some time in February to get your hands on it. There’s a chance we’ll see this guy at CES 2011, so stay tuned. To showcase the Grippity, there’s a very interesting video below, which you should definitely check out.

[via Ubergizmo]

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