The Daily Slash: November 1 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 1, 2010
The Daily Slash: November 1 2010

It’s lawsuit day over at SlashGear, hooray! We’ve also got reviews of both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry Style, and a movie review, believe it or not, of SAW 3D! The wave of 4G connectedness begins on AndroidCommunity, and we announce the winner of the big huge halloween contest (with phones dressing up in costume.) And I tell you how important it is to vote by giving you a slew of links to places that’ll do a much better job than I can. All this, tonight! On The Daily Slash.

SlashVOTE! There are two kinds of people on the internet today: the people who are totally SICK of all the political advertisements jamming them in the nose with images of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, and the people who don’t know that there’s an election in the USA tomorrow. If you are either of these people, and you’ve got the precious time, please take the time to vote tomorrow at your local polling station. Don’t know where that is? Take a look here. If you already know what candidates are saying what about what issuse, good for you! If you don’t, take a look here. For a list of issues your particular state is voting on, take a look here. After that, you’re on your own. You could watch possible outcomes but in the end, all you can do after you’ve voted is wait for the final curtain call. And if you still need motivation and are saying to yourself, self, why would I vote? Take a look at this fabulous post entitled What Tomorrow’s Elections Mean for Science and Technology.

R3 Media Network

Sony Ericsson Start Rolling Out Android 2.1

Android Community
8pen Keyboard looking to innovate the way Android users type
Sprint’s 4G Activated in New York and 5 other cities
Android biggest OS in US claim analysts

FourSquare Tomorrow when you Vote! [I WILL VOTE!]
Google VS the US Government [LAWSUIT]
BlackBerry Style [REVIEW]
Nexus Two rumors “simply not true” claim Samsung
Apple sue Motorola over alleged touchscreen patent infringement [LAWSUIT]
HyperMac rebranding to HyperJuice over Apple legal issues [LAWSUIT]
Soon We’ll Tell You if Facebook is Making an Android Phone
Samsung Galaxy Tab [REVIEW]

To see more Daily Slash posts, click here: [The Daily Slash] But don’t stay up too late! You’ve got to get to the polling station bright and early and CAST! CAST UNTIL YOUR ARM BREAKS OFF!

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