FourSquare Tomorrow When You Vote!

By the time you read this post, it might already be too late! There's a site launching for FourSquare's new voter initiative, one simply called "I Voted," and it launches in 23 minutes from when I'm typing this sentence. It is hoped that this project (and badge, of course,) will encourage voters to get out there and do their duty! It would be hoped though, that you'd planned on doing it anyway, and I hope you wouldn't just vote for anybody just to get a badge. That said, vote soon, vote right, and vote often.

FourSquare recently had a man check in at the International Space Station in space, and now this lovely civic duty adventure should launch them into popularity once more. Good job, FourSquare. This is neato. Read these words from the crew, then head over to the launch page for : FourSquare's I Voted

The I Voted data visualization and badge have been designed with three purposes in mind: to encourage civic participation, increase transparency in the voting process and develop a replicatable system for the 2012 Presidential Election. Until we launch, make sure you have what you need to go vote on November 2nd!

[Via TechLand]