Nexus Two rumors “simply not true” claim Samsung

Chris Davies - Nov 1, 2010, 7:59 am CDT
Nexus Two rumors “simply not true” claim Samsung

After rumors last week pegging Samsung as Google’s hardware partner for the Google Nexus Two, the Korean company has denied any such involvement.  The speculation that the two firms had been collaborating on a Galaxy S style successor to the Nexus One, Samsung told Danawa, “is simply not true.”

According to the rumors, the Nexus Two would have used Samsung’s Super AMOLED display in a tapered, wedge-shaped chassis that was – according to a purported in-the-wild sighting – more plastic in its construction than the sturdy Nexus One.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt has previously said that the company has no intention of building a new Nexus device, but speculation late in October suggested that the second-gen handset would focus more on pushing software and video conferencing abilities in the Android ecosystem.

[via Android Community]

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