Google Nexus Two is a redressed Samsung Galaxy S?

Chris Davies - Oct 29, 2010, 2:17 am CDT
Google Nexus Two is a redressed Samsung Galaxy S?

A device believed to be the Google Nexus Two has supposedly been spotted in the wild, and according to the tipster it’s the handiwork of Samsung, not HTC.  Gizmodo heard from someone claiming hands-on experience with the upcoming Google-brand Android smartphone, and from their report it’s all disappointingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S.

The hardware is tipped to be distinctively bowed on both the front and back, with a tapering rear panel that makes the Nexus Two feel thinner in the hand, and a “sort of concave” front panel with what the source believes is a 4-inch Super AMOLED display; the image above is a mockup, of course.  It’s made of black, shiny plastic like the Galaxy S, and has a front-facing video camera; that’s the only confirmed hardware spec, and the “really buggy” Android install was unidentified too.

If authentic, it’s a considerable step away from the HTC-made hardware of the Nexus One, and the tipster says they were “a little surprised it was the Nexus Two” as it’s so different.  There certainly seems to be less in the way of pushing-the-envelope as there was with the first-gen device, though perhaps with the Android hardware ecosystem flourishing, this is Google turning to software for their next shove.  The front-facing camera could be particularly interesting, if Gingerbread makes good use of it.

[via Android Community]

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