Denon SMART S-302

This device is amazing, especially if you live in a confined space. So it comes with the main receiver unit two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. However, it offers up virtual surround sound through those two stereo speakers.

On top of that it has an upscaling DVD player that will upscale up to 1080p for you. There is an HDMI port for that to play through and there are USB ports for connecting media players, thumb drives, so on and so forth. The best news is after the jump.


Sony XAV-W1 entertainment system for your auto

It’s a double-din unit with an optical drive and 7” WXGA touchscreen. It will play CDs, DVDs, and SACDs.

The unit can also out put in 5.1 surround and supports Dolby Digital surround and DTS digital surround processing. You can view JPEGs, DivX videos, and play WMAs and MP3s.


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