Gracenote MoodGrid promises in-car mood-matched track picking

This year at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Gracenote MoodGrid was revealed inside a Mercedes-Benz F125 research vehicle, this music-based bit of technology promising to change your automotive experience by matching your mood with tracks that'll do their best to compliment it. MoodGrid will allow the music in your car experience slick as a whistle with one-touch and/or simple voice commands, this improving both your ease in using the car's stereo and your safety in doing so. This is going to be perfect for those of you who'd normally be tapping on your iPods while carrying a hot cup of coffee and an Egg McMuffie in the other hand while driving with your feet on the regular.

As an alternative to scrolling through your tracks galore, MoodGrid will make selections based on your mood, be it dark, positive, calm, energetic, or whatever else you might want to enter in. Mood characteristics are mapped along songs that you yourself own and is able to access these songs through Cloud-based music services. Each track's title and information is displayed on a graphical grid in your car's user interface. As Vadim Brenner, VP of product and content management for Gracenote says:

"Being able to pinpoint what type of music people want to hear based on their specific mood is the killer app for music services and automakers. Gracenote is dedicated to developing new ways for drivers to safely enjoy all of their music on the open road, and we are grateful to have a partner like Daimler that recognizes the potential of this kind of technology to deliver a more personalized music experience." – Brenner

We'll be getting one whole heck of a lot more information on how this system works and in what vehicles it'll be employed on – or whether or not you'll be able to pop it right into your vehicle without so much of a screw loose – very soon. Meanwhile here's my question for you: do you think this is the sort of service you'd like to have in your vehicle? Or do you use your mobile phone to do such tasks as music management? Or a third option, god forbid: do you still listen to the radio?