RCA Internet Music System makes Android tablet a centerpiece

Taking tips from the likes of custom systems like the one Android Community showed off in-car last month, RCA seems to have created a stereo system that uses an Android tablet as its brain. While this system hasn't been formally announced by RCA as such, it does appear to be on store shelves in some remote locations in the USA. This machine works with a detachable Android tablet, Bluetooth speakers, and HDMI-out to work as a stereo or a full entertainment center.

The name of this device is, indeed, "Internet Music System" – quite creative and simple, wouldn't you say? You'll be working with a tablet that's dual-core and working with a 7-inch display (sound familiar) sitting on top of a center console that's surprisingly thick. This system isn't by any means meant to be highest-end, as evidenced by the sheer size of it, but based on the possible price range, we've got no qualms.

The tipster showing this beast off to the likes of Android Police suggests that you'll be able to pick one up for a cool $178 USD. This price would be miraculous given the idea that it works with a tablet embedded. We must assume that the price is on the low end or that the embedded system is made of some really, really cheap parts.

What you'll be getting here is a center console with the ability to play streaming music and video using Google Play and/or whatever other apps you like from the Google Play store. The Android system you're working with here appears to be entirely vanilla and up to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean given the basic aesthetics we can see in the teaser video (also appearing in stealth all the way back in September 30th). Expect some real announcement flavor for this system sooner than later!