Sony’s PS-LX300USB turntable – stealing the light from Ion with their own USB turntable

It’s a turntable (belt-driven) that can spin at either 33 and a third or 45 rpm’s and can connect to your computer for ripping or for recording your own custom DJ mixes. The best part about choosing the Sony unit over any other USB turntable is that you get a free copy of Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio with your purchase.


Toshiba Satellite A300 and P300 notebooks

The A300 is a 15.4” notebook that now comes with your choice of Penryn or AMD dual core chips. You can choose between the 45nm Intel Penryn chip or an AMD TL-60 Turion processor.


Porsche Audio system with AM/FM and iPod Dock

So the features of this system aren’t all that and a box of rocks, but the design of the gadget is quit ingenious. First there are the 3 hollow dials that tune the radio, seek, and select input source.


W980i Walkman clamshell by Sony Ericsson has 8GB of space built in

This phone is amazing, at least from my point of view, music is my drug of choice so the 8GB of built in storage and the integrated FM transmitter are two features of this phone I love. Add to that the TrackID service that can help you figure out what you are listening to and the PlayNow online music store and I am hooked.


Auzentech HDMI X-Tension sound card for the HTPC builder in you

The second quarter of this year will yield one of, if not the first HDMI sound card. It makes smart use of the PCIe card bus and is clearly aimed at Home Theater PC makers/enthusiasts.


Mobile DJ boiled down to a pocket sized mixer

I don’t even really know if you can count this as a mixer since all it can do is control the volume of 2 sources and then output the audio from both sources to one output. But hey, if you’ve got a pair of devices with 3.5mm audio jacks and you want to give it a try, nothing is stopping you.


New Slimline and Stylist Compact Stereos from Kenwood

Kenwood announced trio of slimline CLK compact stereos in Japan today. It plays redbook CD, CD-R/RW, MD media (only on CLK-7i-S) and works with IPOD, MP3 as well as MP3 with USB connection. The top model CLK-7is only available in silver, weighed in 5.7lb and will be selling at 50,000¥ (~$449) The rest of the two CLK-5i-S/W models are available in black or silver finish. It lacks MD support and roughly 1lb lighter than CLK-7is but 10,000 yen cheaper (about $110 USD)

Kenwood presents a new stereo
[via akihabaranews]

JayBird Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Reviewed

So they are Bluetooth, they don’t have an ugly lanyard attached, and they are really simple to use. There is a small wire that connects behind the head, but that’s about it, all the hardware sits on your ears.

Sure, that sounds uncomfortable, but both halves are balanced as far as weight goes, and they don’t feel uncomfortable at all. The best part, they are made for jogging, and other such activities, so they don’t jiggle, or move, or otherwise feel like they are going to fall off, trust me I tried it. I mean, “My Plague” by Slipknot came up on my computer and started playing, and I went full on headbanger’s ball style, bending at the waist and flailing up and down just like I was at the concert, and nothing moved.


Parrot Boombox review – Who knew Parrot could squawk this loud?

Parrot is taking a venture off the beaten trail with this little beauty. Can’t seem to find a spot for it on the dash of your car? Good, because it doesn’t go there. The Parrot “Boombox” is Parrot’s first entry into the vast and competitive world of in-home speaker stations. Let us all hope that this is only the beginning of Parrot’s fight into the home stereo market.

The Parrot Boombox is a Bluetooth based speaker system that will link to your Bluetooth 2.0 cell phone, MP3 player or even your laptop. It truly fills the room with all of those songs that were so longing to be freed from the mono speaker, low quality sound that a lot of devices deliver.


Sharper Image Wireless Outdoor Monophonic One-Speaker System

Sure, wireless speakers aren’t all that new, neither are outdoor speakers, but a smart combination of the two brought to you by Sharper Image, well that’s nearly a work of art. They use 2.4GHz signals, so you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any of your other gear.

Other than that, all you need is an audio source that uses a standard headphone jack for its output. You can also by a second speaker, to make it stereo, its not another one of the main unit, it’s a special auxiliary speaker.


Festival Stereo from MAKE

Well, they don’t actually tell you how to make it, some reader wrote in from Sweden showing off his latest creation. Although there are apparently specs so you can build you own in his Flickr account.

It looks like either a guitar amp or some other professional grade speaker that the guy built in a car radio and cup holders, for beer. I assume there is also a fairly hefty battery built in to power the thing, otherwise its portability is decreased to wherever there is an outlet.


Yamaha A-S2000 amp and CD-S2000 CD player

Yeah, these are definitely not for the shallow pocketed or those that usually can’t hear the difference between a pair of iPhone ear-buds and a pair of high-end Sennheisers. But if you do like simplistic external design, with top of the line components inside, well Yamaha might not be your first choice, but this is some pretty nice gear for uner $2000 each.

The CD player has a TI PCM-1792 DAC in it so you can get the best quality analog signal from your newly purchased Atmosphere album (coming soon, I can’t wait), I mean just imagine hearing Ant’s beats out of this pair with some nice speakers attached. The amp has separate amplifiers and power supply inside so the two don’t combine to create the comparably nasty sound of a shelf stereo or something of that nature.


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