Ballsy Radio/Alarm Clock is a gimmick

You’re no doubt expecting me to make some smutty joke about a cold ball in the bedroom, but I’m afraid you’ll have to do without.  This is a perfectly serious alarm-clock and radio, it just so happens to use a huge ball-bearing as selector for the different radio presets.

Gimmick aside, it’s all pretty basic: FM and AM with nine presets of each, battery or AC power and a backlit display.  So the $60 pricetag seems a bit steep if you ask me.

Product Page [via Coolest Gadgets]

Half-finished Radio is opportunity for self-expression

Modding computers is all very well, but it’s a bit niche – I can’t exactly see my mother picking up the Dremel and adding a window to her computer (or her kettle, for that matter) – what’s needed is an easier way for people to imprint their individuality on an object.  That in mind, the wouter Geense Design Studio present the Tune ‘n Radio, a simple FM radio that comes without aerial or speaker-holes, and with only rudimentary controls.

New owners must decide for themselves what might be the best aerial – aesthetically and technically – where to punch the holes and what items to use as controls.  wouter Geense describe it as a canvas that, once decorated, a user feels bonded to, in effect a little bit like spray-painting your initials on your cat.

wouter Geense [via Neatorama]

Do-it-all Bedside Radio leaves no space for your false teeth

Sweet Martha Stewart, who on the highly-polished Earth needs this on their bedside table?!  Yes, it looks like a Tascam multi-track recorder, but don’t be deceived – it’s actually a clock-radio.  Or is is a weather station?  Or is it a police scanner?  Calm down, dearests, it’s actually all of the above.  Yes, for $199.95 Hammacher Schlemmer will sell you a behemoth of a wake-up call.

Synchronising to the atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards and Time, capable of monitoring FM/AM bands as well as traffic, weather, police, public safety, aircraft and VHF TV, with 30 pre-sets and that all-important snooze.  Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how many channels you have, in the morning you just want five minutes more.

Hammacher Schlemmer [via CRAVE]

Phoenix IP Radio

Like listening to radio for variety, but find most DAPs these days offer limited FM radio capabilities? Then the new portable IP Radio from Phoenix will lift your spirits as it lets you listen to any station, podcast, or music source that streams online. The built-in Wi-Fi (802.11g) automatically detects and connects to open hot spots. You can save favorite stations and songs directly on the radio. Comes with two stereo speakers with bass boost. So when we say portable, don’t be expecting to tuck this thing in your pocket as this hunk of radio measures approximately 5 x 8 x 3 inches and weighs almost 2 pounds. Priced at $249 and will be released just before CES 2007.

CES 2007: Phoenix IP Radio Streams Station from the Net [Via: Gizmodo]

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