Nokia E51 available in Germany

The E51, which was announced last September, is now available for purchase in Germany. It’s a business phone, and it can perform business functions like Speedy Gonzales himself with its 3G HSDPA and WiFi connectivity.

You can even use VoIP on the phone when you have a WiFi connection in order to save money. There is also a 2MP camera that has a 4x digital zoom.


NASD Technology NS-2010 Mercedes themed PMP

It has a 2” screen that can display up to 262k colors. You can play MPEG-4 and AVI video files on it too.

MP3 and WMA are the compatible audio formats. It also has an FM radio tuner built in and an SD card slot for storage.


Ruby Red Palm Centro dropping on the 4th

For those of you that have been looking at the Centro, lusting after the Centro, or otherwise have a desire to purchase one, they will finally be unleashing the Ruby Red one to the public on November 4th. I have one, and I have to be honest, I kinda love it.

For those of you that forgot, the Centro is Palm’s latest contribution to Sprint’s lineup and has a touchscreen, 1.3MP cam, EV-DO, support for up to a 4GB microSD card, and a full QWERTY keypad. It really is quite an amazing phone, I can do almost everything, except type, with just the touchscreen, and I can even make phone calls with nothing but the use of the touchscreen.


Boynq WakeUp iPod clock radio

It looks weird, but in a good way, like it could transform into iPodimus Prime at any point. Anyways, the thing perched on its edge are the speaker portions of the device, the front section is the clock and the media selector/controller.

A grand total of 20 watts of output isn’t bad for a clock radio, my Altec Lansing 2.1 system only puts out 12 watts, and I wouldn’t have traded it for a thing, until one of the satellites blew. So there are four quarters if you will to the front of this device, the top right is the iPod dock, top left is the media selector/controller and the bottom two is the clock.


Festival Stereo from MAKE

Well, they don’t actually tell you how to make it, some reader wrote in from Sweden showing off his latest creation. Although there are apparently specs so you can build you own in his Flickr account.

It looks like either a guitar amp or some other professional grade speaker that the guy built in a car radio and cup holders, for beer. I assume there is also a fairly hefty battery built in to power the thing, otherwise its portability is decreased to wherever there is an outlet.


Samsung F110 Adidas phone dropping soon

Well, the co-branding fairies are at it again, this time blessing a deal between Samsung and Adidas. The F110 is actually not that great of a phone if you are a geek, although if you are a more physically fit type of person, it’s great, with and included heartbeat monitor, step counter, and other sports applications.

It’s a 2.5G phone with GPRS/EDGE; there is also a 2” screen, a 2MP cam, and a FM radio tuner. It also has and MP3 player function and I assume a card slot of some sort.


HTC Polaris could get a name change before release

Not much is known about the phone in the first place, really its mainly just the name that was seen in a roadmap from HTC earlier this year. Well now its been confirmed that they are changing the name to the Touch Cruise (what?).

This will be the third addition to the Touch lineup preceded by the Touch, and then the Touch DUAL. Word is this one could show us some upgrades to the whole touchFLO system.


Broadcom BCM21551

That number likely means nothing to you, but to the mobile phone industry it could mean a 3G iPhone. That up there is the model number of a new Broadcom chip that combines 3G and a host of other features in an all-in-one chip.

How could Apple not use this chip? I mean, if there is a reason, a good one, they will find it, and we will be happy they didn’t, but seriously. This chip combines 3G HSDPA @ 7.2Mbps, HSUPA @ 5.8Mbps, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and some other legacy connections.


Palm Centro Review

Well, I got mine earlier today and have been playing with it; it’s the same color as the OnCentro one. I must say, I love it.

First off, I have a Helio Fin with a 3MP cam, and a Moto Q with a 1.3MP cam with flash, the Palm Centro, in my opinion, took a better picture than either of the other two. That amazed me.


Denon SMART S-302

This device is amazing, especially if you live in a confined space. So it comes with the main receiver unit two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. However, it offers up virtual surround sound through those two stereo speakers.

On top of that it has an upscaling DVD player that will upscale up to 1080p for you. There is an HDMI port for that to play through and there are USB ports for connecting media players, thumb drives, so on and so forth. The best news is after the jump.


Spiderman portable radio made from Spidey’s severed head

Just like the picture shows, it’s a radio, based on the wall clinger’s head. It can do AM/FM radio and play CDs.

There is also a handle and a gaudy antenna. To bad its not a more up to date version with an iPod dock and HD radio support, then it would be worth it.


AutoScan FM Transmitter makes in-car MP3 easy

FM transmitters are, in theory, a great idea.  Rather than mess around with some sort of cable interface to pipe your music through your car stereo, just plug a transmitter dongle into your PMP and tune in to enjoy your music.  Thing is, in the crowded FM frequency band it can be tricky sometimes finding the best settings; the low-power transmitter is easily overwhelmed by normal radio stations.  That’s where iStuff’s iCast comes in – it has an autoscan feature that identifies the clearest band all by itself.


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