HTC Polaris could get a name change before release

Not much is known about the phone in the first place, really its mainly just the name that was seen in a roadmap from HTC earlier this year. Well now its been confirmed that they are changing the name to the Touch Cruise (what?).

This will be the third addition to the Touch lineup preceded by the Touch, and then the Touch DUAL. Word is this one could show us some upgrades to the whole touchFLO system.


Broadcom BCM21551

That number likely means nothing to you, but to the mobile phone industry it could mean a 3G iPhone. That up there is the model number of a new Broadcom chip that combines 3G and a host of other features in an all-in-one chip.

How could Apple not use this chip? I mean, if there is a reason, a good one, they will find it, and we will be happy they didn’t, but seriously. This chip combines 3G HSDPA @ 7.2Mbps, HSUPA @ 5.8Mbps, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and some other legacy connections.


Palm Centro Review

Well, I got mine earlier today and have been playing with it; it’s the same color as the OnCentro one. I must say, I love it.

First off, I have a Helio Fin with a 3MP cam, and a Moto Q with a 1.3MP cam with flash, the Palm Centro, in my opinion, took a better picture than either of the other two. That amazed me.


Denon SMART S-302

This device is amazing, especially if you live in a confined space. So it comes with the main receiver unit two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. However, it offers up virtual surround sound through those two stereo speakers.

On top of that it has an upscaling DVD player that will upscale up to 1080p for you. There is an HDMI port for that to play through and there are USB ports for connecting media players, thumb drives, so on and so forth. The best news is after the jump.


Spiderman portable radio made from Spidey’s severed head

Just like the picture shows, it’s a radio, based on the wall clinger’s head. It can do AM/FM radio and play CDs.

There is also a handle and a gaudy antenna. To bad its not a more up to date version with an iPod dock and HD radio support, then it would be worth it.


AutoScan FM Transmitter makes in-car MP3 easy

FM transmitters are, in theory, a great idea.  Rather than mess around with some sort of cable interface to pipe your music through your car stereo, just plug a transmitter dongle into your PMP and tune in to enjoy your music.  Thing is, in the crowded FM frequency band it can be tricky sometimes finding the best settings; the low-power transmitter is easily overwhelmed by normal radio stations.  That’s where iStuff’s iCast comes in – it has an autoscan feature that identifies the clearest band all by itself.


Pioneer’s latest satellite radio PMP reviewed

Subscription radio is not something that’s taken off over here in the UK, but if you’re in the US then there’s plenty of choice if you don’t like free-to-air FM or tire easily of what’s on your PMP.  The Gadgeteer’s Rob Tillotson has been trying out a chunky little XM receiver made by Pioneer, the inno, and has found that if you’re looking for a compromise between rocking your own tunes and sampling a bit of the mobile XM life then the portable device might be for you.



The VW Minibus radio

Can’t quite let go of the 60’s yet? Even if you never really saw the 60’s you can still have an appreciation for the things created within them, such as the VW bus.


Bad-ass submarine for a more manly bath

Alright boys, it’s time to fess up, we know you take baths when we aren’t looking. You make fun of our bubble bath and all our girly things, but we’ve seen that bottle of Chewbacca bubble bath hidden under the sink. Well now you can give your rubber ducky a rest and pick up the submarine radio.


Sub-$100 HD radio from Radiosophy

Have you been thinking about checking out that HD radio that you keep hearing about? Well HD radio maker Radiosophy has got a deal that they hope will get you on the bandwagon.


Doubts cast on Sirius & XM merger; are they the only winners?

Mergers, eh?  Some might say they’re bad news – big companies getting even bigger and squashing out the little guy – whilst others think they’re a good thing.  XM and Sirius are the latest big boys to do the dance of the frotting assets and they’ve pushed the company line that consumer-experience won’t be negatively impacted, most notably through price rises.

It might, however, be a case of what’s not said being more important, as Gene Kimmelman of the Consumers Union suggests:

“The heads of XM and Sirius want consumers to believe that prices won’t rise after a merger, but that’s probably not the case. By highlighting a price freeze for the old package of services, they leave the impression that’s what consumers will pay for the new, combined offerings. But they haven’t really said what the new prices will be”


Easter egg or half-finished homework? Nokia N800’s FM radio

For a device so busy courting contrary opinions, it seems a tad strange that Nokia’s N800 isn’t excitedly boasting all its features.  Andrew Barr over at Internet Tablet Talk has discovered a hitherto unknown FM radio secreted inside the device, with no mention of it in any of the documentation Nokia provide nor functionality enabled in the software.


Jonathan Greene promptly got to work putting together instructions for it, together with a link to the necessary download (as you can see in the photo above); he also took the time to shoot a video of it in action (after the cut).


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