CES 2008: Parrot SK4000 Motorcycle helmet wireless audio solution

Check out this nifty little gadget from Parrot! It connects to just about any helmet because it has some pretty flexible mounting options. On the outside you have the mic and the majority of the hardware and then they were ingenious enough to move the speakers to the inside of the helmet and they give you several different options mounting that on the inside of your helmet.


Cherry Picks 2008: Vectrix

The Vectrix is the first two-wheeled ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) that combines style and performance. It’s an all-electric maxi-scooter operates at a penny a mile cost. The Vectrix will go from 0-50 in 6.8 seconds with a max speed of 62 MPH and it’s highway legal.


The Plate Flipper lets you speak your mind

Sometimes its the simple gadgets that have the biggest effect. I know its great to have those flashy ones to make you feel important. However, quirky gadgets such as this plate flipper can make the biggest impact.


Confederate Renovatio: it’s ok to drool

The Renovatio is the slickest motorcycle design I have ever laid eyes on. It’s a design from Confederate Motor Company hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Feast your eyes on this V-twin, SFI, 135 hp beast.


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