Triumph TE1 electric sport bike prototype has the genes of a Formula E racer

In 2019, Triumph and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) formed a partnership to develop and build a true-blue electric British motorcycle. The result is this Triumph TE1 prototype, an electric sports bike with a quest towards 'electric motorcycling supremacy.' Funded mainly by the UK government, Triumph's TE1 is the fruit of a two-year effort between the brightest brains in the European automotive industry.

"We spent a lot of time on the battery system, and we also pushed the limits of battery performance, balancing cell design for acceleration and range," said Dyrr Adash, Senior commercial Manager at WAE. "We've really pushed the boundaries to reduce mass and optimize position within the frame to benefit handling."

Williams Advanced Engineering is behind the TE-1 prototype's battery pack, battery management unit, and vehicle control unit. It has a 360-volt, 15 kWh battery that offers unmatched energy density from full charge to zero, allowing the bike to deliver exciting acceleration in any state of charge. Williams is a founding technical partner of Formula E and was the sole supplier of the entire Formula E grid's battery systems from 2014 to 2018.

Meanwhile, UK-based e-drive specialist Integral Powertrain developed a high-density electric motor with a silicon-carbide inverter, all integrated into a single, compact motor housing. The electric motor only weighs under 22 pounds (10 kg), capable of a peak 174-horsepower output. However, WAE's battery pack can handle up to 228 horsepower and recharge from zero to 80-percent in under 20 minutes.

"This project is all about developing a platform for Triumph's future electric motorcycles," said Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer of Triumph. It also means the TE-1 is not the first and last electric Triumph as the company promises to offer an entire range of electric bikes across its portfolio.

If the Triumph TE-1 looks familiar, it's by design. The prototype's frame lines and single-sided swingarm harks back to the Triumph Speed and Speed Triple streetfighter-style motorcycles first produced in 1994. It not only looks fantastic, but we reckon it'll pack quite an incredible electric punch.

We'll know more about the range, charging, and features of the revolutionary Triumph TE-1 as the first pre-production mule arrives later in 2021.