Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle can ride 100 miles per charge

A company called Volcon has an interesting electric motorcycle design for off-road use called the Grunt. The bike has wide tires and retails for $5995. Volcon promises premium craftsmanship and says that the Grunt can easily navigate diverse terrain and handle inclement weather.

The internal battery pack can drive for 100 miles per charge. That range would certainly vary depending on the terrain and speeds at which the bike is operated. To keep the fun going, Grunt is designed with swappable battery packs so that a new battery can be plugged in.

Grunt promises low seat height and different ride modes to make it easy and fun for riders of all capabilities. The maximum speed is 60 mph, and the bike produces 75 pound-foot of torque and up to 50 horsepower. It's able to reach 60 mph in 6.0 seconds.

Despite its low 32-inch seat height, it has 12-inches of ground clearance to get over obstacles. The drivetrain and electrical components are all IP67 rated, making them fully waterproof, allowing the bike to cross rivers and streams without fear. Volcon says that also means the bike can be pressure washed without damaging any electronics.

Grunt offers three different ride modes to cater to both new and experienced riders. When the Grunt was first unveiled, one can be reserved without putting down a deposit, but all of those reservations were made in the first 24 hours. Those interested can still place a $250 deposit on one of the first 250 Grunt owners with delivery in Spring 2021. A $150 deposit will get a Grunt at an unspecified later date. The company also intends to introduce electric side-by-side in the future, with the Stag being a two-seat sport-style machine and the Beast a four-seat machine.