Sealed copy of Chrono Trigger fetches over a grand

Chrono Trigger was definitely one of the best RPGs for the SNES. I’ll still have to rank A Link to the Past up at number one in my book though. I will admit that I never had the pleasure of playing this game back when it was first released. I picked it up after it was ported to the PlayStation. Even after I’d played such games as Final Fantasy VII, it was still fun to play this older SNES-era game. For those die-hard collectors out there, how much would you pay for an original unopened copy of the game?


First Optimus Maximus hits eBay

As expected, the first Optimus Maximus hit eBay, and with an official sticker price of around $1,500 if you’re looking to buy one from Art Lebedev, one can only imagine how much the seller here is expecting.  The keyboard is presumably from the first batch which quickly sold out, and is being offered with free shipping “so that you can impress your friends before you start to suffer from buyers remorse”



Motorola Z9 for sale now

Oh, you’ve never heard of it either? Well that might be why its only for sale on Ebay, and furthermore, why it’s the only one.

The gentleman selling the phone says that it won’t be out for a couple of months, and then says other than a few scratches around the screen and the fact the backlight for the keys don’t work, it’s flawless. The guy also says that it’s really just a Razr2 but in a slider form factor.

Now, the guy is clearly looking for a $500+ sell price as the buy it now price is $600 and he says he will include the data cable if the bidding reaches $500 or more. The gent also says that, at least until it’s released to the public, you’ll be the only one on your block with one of these.


Guitar Hero III Les Paul mod

With everyone away at CES, someone has to hold down the fort and cover the more underground creations that likely will never make their way to the large conventions. This Les Paul mod is definitely one of a kind and unique enough for me to check my bank account and sigh with defeat.


Asus Eee officially a success says Asus

So Asus only expected to sell at most 300,000 of these things, they’ve already sold over 350k of the little buggers. If they could have made them as fast as people were buying them, they probably could have sold a few tens of thousands more.


Live Gamer is a publisher sponsored eBay for in-game items from MMO’s

Chances are if you started playing any MMO too late, you are constantly looking for a way to get ahead, or at the very least just catch up, one way is to play your ass off, play for days at a time with only short breaks of real life, another is to find somewhere to exchange real life money for gear or currency, or maybe even a higher level character. Regardless, publishers have almost always been against such practices, partly because it undermines their control of the environment, partly because it usually doesn’t work out in favor of the purchaser.


Green ASUS Eee PC

Alright, so, the Eee PC is sold out everywhere, ASUS can’t make enough of them, and everyone wants one. So some people are forced to search foreign markets or pay outrageous prices on Ebay (the highest bid on one right now is $524.54).

But there is a green one for sale on Ebay Germany by way of a Taiwanese retailer. They can’t even make enough of the Plain White Eee’s (sorry, that’s my little joke) and yet somewhere they are making pastel green ones.


Xbox 360 faceplate for the girly gamers

Any chick gamer can tell you that we occasionally take a lot of crap from fellow gamers. This faceplate for the Xbox 360 is in direct response to that issue. It is the face plate for ever girl who’s ever been asked ‘Are you on your boyfriend’s Xbox?’.



Ahh, my two favorite things to do in my spare time have finally been combined. You see, I enjoy playing video games, I also enjoy drinking beer, I have found my holy grail.

The Gamerator is your standard run of the mill MAME cabinet with a 24-inch flat screen monitor. But alas, there is a very important and worthy upgrade, it will chill and serve up the contents of a pony keg.


Boeing 727 Limo

Nope, didn’t mess that title up, and no, its not a new plane being made by Boeing. It is a Boeing 727 that has been dropped onto a Mercedes bus though.

Someone literally took a jet plane, ripped the wings off, and threw it on top of a Mercedes bus. The best part, its supposedly street legal too.


Blue and light blue Nintendo DS Lite with Zelda Mod

It’s not an official product SKU, just something some guy in Australia whipped up, but it looks surprisingly good and it works. It has a metal Zelda badge thing on the front, it’s a shield with some symbols including the Tri Force, and there are some swords and arrows that cross behind the shield.

Behind the shield there are a pair of bright green LEDs that have different operating modes, when the DS is on, the lights are on, when it’s in standby or off, the lights are off, and when you switch on the WiFi the lights start blinking. The paint job on the device looks amazing too, the bottom of the DS, the biggest portion of the hinge, and buttons and accents on the inside are all light blue.


Bill Gates signed Xbox 360 Halo 3 pack charity auction exceeding $8k

Back when I was scathing about the Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition some agreed with me, others scorned; in the end, I decided it wasn’t that big a deal either way since numbers of the limited edition were, well, just that: limited.  However, we’ve now got word of an even more special Special Edition, made covetable because it bears the scrawl of Bill Gates, and currently up on eBay for $8,400 after 56 bids.



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