Analogue fighting scalpers and bots with bigger efforts than PS5

This week the folks at Analogue made an extended statement on supply and demand. The gaming products they offer are not "Limited Edition," they've confirmed. This means that they'll be available for purchase, at some point, no matter how many are sold. Per the company's message, "More Pockets will be available for purchase in 2021."

They've suggested that because of the "current global state of affairs," they're dealing with worldwide supply chain issues and have had production capacity lowered significantly. This means that their products, both Super Nt and Mega Sg, aren't in stock, and they're not likely set to be back in stock in the very near future.

Instead, Analogue said that "with all things considered, we will be doing our best to keep Pocket in stock in 2021," and "bear with us during these unusual times." They've also pointed customers to the Analog (dot) co store where notifications will be sent to interested potential gamers.

Analog also made clear that they will be "implementing robust bot protection on the Analogue Store." They've also found a way to see which orders were done "using bots" and say that all orders that used bots "will be cancelled and their inventory will be allocated to real users."

Analogue also noted that they'll be monitoring resale websites like eBay to track scalpers reselling Pre-orders. This is specific to users who are reselling Analogue products "that the seller does not have in their possession." Because this sort of product sale is against eBay's policies, Analogue will be reporting said listings so they'll be de-listed.

Cross your fingers we'll be seeing the whole Analogue product family back in their online store in the future. For now, all we can do is click and wait. Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on Analogue and their gaming bits and pieces.