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Novatel MC990D and MC992D HSDPA modems with USB storage and GPS

Novatel’s latest HSDPA modems are trying to pack in as many features as Nokia does on its high end mobile phones. Not only can it connect you to an up to 7.2Mbps downstream HSDPA connection, but it can also feed your device GPS data and work as a USB flash drive with a microSD card that you put inside.


Nokia press event “Briefing In The Sky” – 180 feet above the ground

Nokia press event “Briefing In The Sky” – 180 feet above the ground

Today Nokia is holding a press briefing at CTIA Wireless. Our Vincent will be attending that briefing and surprisingly enough it will be held on the air – 180 feet above the ground! So our “curious” Vince went to the site to captured video of the briefing venue. We are expecting Nokia to announce the rumored N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition at this "Briefing In The Sky" event.

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SlashGear Gears Up for CTIA Wireless 2008 Coverage

SlashGear Gears Up for CTIA Wireless 2008 Coverage

SlashGear and its sister site Phone Mag are getting ready to hit Vegas strip to bring you CTIA Wireless 2008 coverage. No, we did not bring piles of greens to gamble away, but we will bet you this – We will bring you one of the best CTIA Wireless coverage around the web. So bookmark our CTIA 2008 coverage tag. While the show starts on the 1st of April, Our coverage will starts on the 31st of March with pre-show.

Nokia N810 with WiMAX dropping April 1st?

Word on the streets is that we could see the new WiMAX capable Nokia N810 as early as April 1st at CTIA. Personally I’d be more interested in seeing Sprint’s Xohm network finally launch, but I’d settle for a WiMAX ready N810.


E-Tech winners announced from CTIA 2007

Yes, CTIA is over, but the news isn’t finished yet. They have announced their E-Tech Award winners for this year’s show.

The coveted Best in Show Award wend to Alltel Wireless for their Celltop technology. Celltop will provide customers with an easier way to access, manage and organize information stored in their phones.

Curiously, my two top picks, the HTC Shift and Helio Ocean were both absent from the list of winners. Check out the full list here, and check back for updates on these products as they become available.

Pictures from CTIA 2007

The booths are being packed up, and the large crowd is slowly tricking back to their hotel rooms and eventually to the airport. Yes, CTIA will be over shortly. But Vincent was camera-happy while he was there, so there are still a bunch of pictures that you haven’t seen.


Favorites from CTIA Wireless 2007

Today marks the end of CTIA Wireless 2007. We’ve seen a lot of phones and gadgets over the past week, but what were your favorites, and which vendor were you impressed with the most?

For me, my favorite product is a tie. I can’t choose between the Helio Ocean and the HTC Shift. They’re both awesome in their respective categories, so it must remain a tie for me. I will say that the Sound Leaf Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone has to be the winner for strangest new product. It’s really cool, but still very strange.


Pictures of Pantech’s new international phones

Pantech really went all-out at this year’s CTIA show. They brought a ton of phones with them, and finally, I bring you the last of them. These are phones that are due to be released in territories outside of the US.


Pictures of Pantech’s new US phones

We announced earlier this week that Pantech has several new phones for the US market. While Vincent was hanging out with the folks over at Pantech, he managed to get his hands on some, and snap a few shots.


Video walkthrough of the Sony Ericsson w580

While Vincent was cruising through the Sony Ericsson booth he stopped to check out the new w580. As you saw in my earlier post he loved it. He managed to take a quick video that walks you through some of the things you’ll be able to do with the phone.

The addition of a pedometer doesn’t really seem like a big deal at first. But then if you think about it, pedometers are pretty ugly. No one wants to wear one of those on their hip. Now you get it on your phone, that is also your MP3 player. Nice!

The video really gives you an idea of just how much the buttons glow. Maybe the phone is supposed to double as a flashlight as well? I suppose it could get old to look at after a while, but I still think it looks awesome.

BlueAnt delivers a great handsfree speakerphone for you car

Cell phones aren’t the only things that Vincent has been playing with over at CTIA this week. He’s also gotten his hands on a pretty cool new product forom BlueAnt called the Supertooth Light.


No fair! Vincent gets some time with the HTC Shift

Are you tired of hearing about the HTC Shift yet? I hope not, because I haven’t gotten tired of writing about it. Vincent was lucky enough to attend a hands-on demonstration with it during is time at CTIA. Jason Chen from Gizmodo was there as well. Who do you think was more fired up about it? Wake up Vincent, The show’s not over yet!

Seriously though, he’s been running around all week trying to get his hands on all the latest products for you guys to see. It’s understandable that he might look a little out of it sometimes. I just couldn’t resist putting this picture up. That’s what happens when you have someone else go through and clean up all of your pictures. Anywho, on to the good stuff!


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