Ericsson set to show fastest HSPA speeds at CTIA

Ericsson has a few tricks up their sleeves yet, it seems! They will be demonstrating 56Mbps HSPA data speeds at the CTIA Wireless convention, which could set a record if all goes according to plan.

What's really impressive here is that these speeds actually double what is currently in preparation to launch in Germany, Italy and in North America. Ericsson actually demonstrated a similar tech last month at the Mobile World Congress, however the peak performance at that time was 42Mbps.

So what makes for the speed boost? Apparently, it has something to do with HSPA+ technology. By using a combination of multi-carrier HSPA and MIMO tech, data transfer speeds get a serious boost. We should see the first commercial usages of HSPA+ starting in 2010, though a 42Mbp HSPA+ infrastructure will be launched before the end of the year in preparation.

[via Mobile Burn]