BlackBerry App World launching at CTIA

Well this should be interesting. According to BusinessWeek, RIM will be launching the BlackBerry App World at CTIA Wireless this year on April 1. And sure, that's definitely exciting news for those in love with their BlackBerrys but that's hardly the most interesting part of this reveal.

You see, RIM will be enticing developers to switch over to the App World from Apple's App Store by offering them higher profit margins. Clever work there, RIM. Plus, the minimum price consumers can expect to shell out for paid apps in the App World is $2.99.

So, RIM is obviously targeting the corporate crowd here, which makes sense considering the BlackBerry is the corporate handheld choice. But it will be interesting to see if this actually lures away developers on the Apple side and subsequently iPhone users. What do you think? Will this take hold?

[via The Boy Genius Report]