SlashGear Week In Review – 03/30/08 – 04/05/08

James Allan Brady - Apr 6, 2008, 4:58pm CDT

Well, a lot has happened this past week and this is just a little recap for those of you that aren’t big fans of back reading through pages of articles. I highly recommend you at least skim through and make sure there isn’t something really interesting that you missed, but here’s a brief overview.

For starters, we were live at CTIA Wireless 2008 this past week. While at the show we saw a growing trend of devices adding WiMAX support, specifically for Sprint’s upcoming network some of those devices include a new Samsung Q1, a new version of the Everex CloudBook called CloudBook MAX, and Nokia’s new N810 with WiMAX built in. Pwnage, the iPhone hacking tool, was released by the iPhone development team.

Vincent got some hands on time with ATT’s latest marketing tool, Microsoft’s Surface technology which can now be used to check, compare, and view the features, functions, and specs of various devices. Microsoft officially announced the upcoming release of version 6.1 of its mobile OS as well as an upgrade to Internet Explorer Mobile to 6.1 with new features mainly pertaining to accessibility and ease of use, there were a few feature upgrades though including H.264, Flash, and Zoom/Pan support for the mobile browser.

Sprint released their new Instinct mobile phone which actually has a really good shot at offering up some competition to the iPhone, and if nothing else it’s a damn good phone on its own and will make a fine addition to Sprint’s lineup. We found out that Palm had sold over a million Centro’s, Plantronics dropped their latest fashionable headset, and ATT dropped their new mobile navigation service.

We summed up the ever mounting evidence of an impending 3G iPhone release, to that we now have to add that 20+ Apple stores are sold out of iPhones with what seems like no intention to restock, that will likely, hopefully, be a growing trend across the country as they prepare to release a new model, hopefully with 3G. We also found out that the Asus Eee, with Windows XP, is coming to Best Buy soon, also from Asus we found some rumored pictures of the upcoming Eee Desktop PC. We got the HTC Shift in for review with its CDMA/EV-DO chipset, ready for one of your two favorite carriers using those technologies.

On the gaming side of things, we got a partial list of tracks for the upcoming Guitar Hero Aerosmith game, there was some FCC paperwork regarding a potentially new PS3 model, and we found out the new Guitar Hero: On Tour, a version of the game for the Nintendo DS Lite, will also work with the original DS. Guitar Hero Mobile is coming BlackBerries, also we found out Qualcomm’s Android platform along with the Android OS can play Quake, and some Hotels are even starting to offer Guitar Hero as a form of entertainment available within the hotel. Colorware started coloring your Guitar Hero controllers, Sony axed the SIXAXIS in favor of the new DUAL-SHOCK 3, and Comcast employees with a lowered set of morals can and will end your Xbox Live hacking session.

Well that pretty much wraps us up for what happened this last week. Stay tuned for this upcoming week as there are several exciting bits of news to come, I already know of a few, but you’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow to find out what they are.

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