Sony axes the SIXAXIS

Chris Scott Barr - Apr 3, 2008, 4:55am CDT

Remember way back when Sony responded to the complaints about the lack of rumble in the PS3 controllers? Sony said that rumble was a last-generation feature and that SIXAXIS was the future. It appears that they couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure, we’ve known that the DualShock 3’s were on their way for some time, however, the future of the SIXAXIS wasn’t exactly clear until now.

You can officially toss the SIXAXIS controller onto the heap of technology products that just couldn’t cut it. That’s right, Sony has given it the axe.

Perhaps the SIXAXIS really is the future, just the very distant future. Maybe we’ll see it pop up again in the sixth or seventh generation of PlayStation consoles. I seriously doubt we’ll see Sony revisit this controller, in fact, expect them to be almost completely gone by the end of the summer.

[via Joystiq]

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