Sprint Instinct – when backed into a corner Sprint unleashes their primal Instincts

James Allan Brady - Apr 1, 2008, 1:12pm CDT

The Instinct is a device that Sprint partnered with Samsung to come up with. It has a 3.1-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback and there are also three hard keys below the screen, one for home, one for back, and one for phone functionality.

The phone has EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, and a Sprint/Samsung customized UI for near iPhone-like ease of use. There are other iPhone similarities including the Sprint Music Store, Navigation, TV, Visual Voicemail and a full HTML web browser, all of which, save for the a la carte music downloads, included in Sprint’s new Simply Everything $100 a month plan.

The home screen is customizable, kind of like the iPhone, it also has Bluetooth, with audible caller ID, expandable memory up to 8GB, a 2MP camera/camcorder, voice activated functions galore, threaded text messages, Mobile Sync, and the ability to operate as a modem. The dimensions of the device are a slim 2.17×4.57x.49 inches with a weight of 4.4 ounces, it also has a Li-Ion battery that provides up to 5.75 hours of continuous talk time. More pics after the jump!

Sprint’s going to be spending around $100 million on parading this little guy around, and with good reason too. This has all of the features, save for the integrated flash storage and OS X OS, that the iPhone has, and then some, that’s to say that it truly bests the iPhone and might actually be a serious competitor to the ATT exclusive device. The only part where I could see the Instinct being outdone by the iPhone is in the battery life department, but 5.75 hours of doing one of the most battery intensive functions a mobile device can do is still pretty respectable. More to come as we get it.

[via Sprint]

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