Internet Explorer Mobile 6.1 – hands on from CTIA

James Allan Brady - Apr 2, 2008, 10:39am CDT

Yesterday we gave a slight mention of the new browser for their mobile OS, but we feel we need to make separate mention of it since it’s being released as a separate product almost and received almost as many updates as the whole rest of the OS. So, it netted H.264, Flash, and Silverlight support.

For those of you that don’t know, H.264 plus Flash equals YouTube video playback. You can also get full screen on that YouTube video instead of squinting at it as it occupies a miniscule corner of your already small screen.

For some, really strange, reason they were showing off the YouTube capabilities using a video of some waterskiing squirrel. They were also showing off the new zoom features of the browser that allows you to view full sized web pages.

[via PhoneMag]

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