Polaroid Shows Off Apple Compatible GL10 Mobile Printer Concept

We've seen the Polaroid GL10 mobile instant printer before. The printer surfaced back during CES. At the time, the printer was designed print via USB or wirelessly over Bluetooth. It uses second-generation smudge free printing technology to make 3 x 4-inch prints. Polaroid is now showing off the new Apple compatible version of the GL10 at CTIA as a concept device.

The printer concept works with all Apple compatible devices and has the same small size and design as the printer we saw at the beginning of the year. It also prints 3x4-inch photos in less than a minute that are smudge proof. The printer weighs 15-ounces and is powered by lithium-ion battery.

The new concept version uses the same Zink zero ink printing technology. That printer tech uses no ink inside and instead uses a paper with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside. This is very much like an advanced version of the old Polaroid cameras we had back in the 80s.