SlashGear Week In Review - Week 19 2010

Time for the Week in Review and it was a busy week so let's jump right into it. The Palm Pre Plus is heading to AT&T on May 16 and the thing will include a free Touchstone Charger. That means no fumbling with wires for charging the device.

A Microsoft marketing exec in Saudi Arabia has let loose with the fact that Project Natal is set to ship in October. The device is also said to be launching globally all at the same time. MSI is set to show off its new tablet at Computex running Windows 7. The company also has a Tegra 2 M Pad in development.

Lenovo unveiled a tiny nettop that is perfect for those wanting a HTPC that takes up barely any space. The machine is called the Q150 and is small enough to slip into a pocket. Quirky's latest crowd designed gadget is an iPad desk called the Quirky Cradle. The desk has a rotating section for turning the iPad between viewing modes.

Sony unveiled the Alpha NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras this week and put the cams up for pre-order. The cameras are interchangeable lens cameras with DSLR quality minus the DSLR bulk. Another supposed Apple iPhone HD prototype leaked in Vietnam this week. Later speculation has raised some concerns that the photos may have been doctored and might be fake.

Speculation is running rampant ahead of E3 next month that Sony might be unveiling a new PSP 2. The PSP Go has not been popular and with sales taking a beating at the hands of the DS and the 3DS on the horizon it's about time Sony updated the tired PSP. Sprint and Walmart unveiled a new prepaid wireless service kicking off this month called Common Cents. The plan rounds your calls to the lowest minute for more savings.

Rumblings about a CDMA iPhone are stirring again. The rumors this time claim that Pegatron has received an order that would amount to millions of iPhones for CDMA networks each year. A crazy DIY knob control for the iPhone turned up late in the week. The thing is weird and uses some sort of conductive tape to give rotary control of zooming.

The WiFi sync app for the iPhone was rejected by Apple for unknown reasons. The app can be had on the Cydia store if you have a jailbroken device. If you have more money than taste, a seriously gaudy iPad from Stuart Hughes called the iPad Supreme turned up Friday. The thing is housed in gold with a diamond Apple logo for $190,000.

iBUYPOWER unveiled a new somewhat portable gaming desktop this week for the gamer who likes LAN parties. The machine is called the LAN Warrior II and starts at $999. The affidavit that has been sealed during the Gizmodo iPhone HD saga has finally been unsealed by the judge in the case. The documents are now available for perusing.