MSI Slatebook Windows 7 tablet at Computex; Tegra 2 M Pad still in development

While the future of HP's Windows 7 slate apparently hangs in the balance, MSI are supposedly gung-ho about their own tablet running the Microsoft OS.  According to DigiTimes' sources, the company will bring the MSI Slatebook to Computex 2010 in early June.  Based, so "sources at notebook players" would have it, on Intel's Menlow Atom Z5xx processor range (not the newer Moorestown Z6xx chips), the Slatebook apparently has a 10-inch display and integrated WiFi and 3G.

Although it will be a full Windows 7 PC, MSI are apparently in negotiations with ebook content providers to better position the Slatebook as an ereader platform.  The company has supposedly frozen development on their dedicated ereader device, and expect the MSI Slatebook to come in at under $500.

Meanwhile the company are still tipped to be considering a Tegra 2 based tablet; back in January an MSI exec confirmed that a 10-inch Tegra 250 slate was in development.  That too was predicted to come in at under $500 and arrive in the second half of 2010; most recently the device – believed to be the MSI M Pad – was said to be on track for a Q3 debut with MSI watching the market to gauge consumer interest.